Return to the Blogosphere…

And really, what better time than when you’ve more or less finished your Masters’ degree and realise that you don’t have to submit written work on a deadline for a long time to come. Hence, the need for a blog.

Actually, the credit goes to my dear friend Allison McNeely, who has been pushing me to make my voice heard through a blog (I think she’s still in shock over my use of the word “begat”). I needed a forum that encouraged me to write as I graduate and become unemployed. I do enjoy writing and expounding on things that interest me, aka all things concerning South Asia and everything nuclear. Though most of my posts will deal with these topics, random issues have been known to catch my fancy and please bear with me as I go off on tangents.

Just like the group study approach, I’m hoping that by stating what I intend to do with this blog allows me to accountable to you, the internets. I want to keep writing and discovering political issues through this blog and will aim for five posts a week. Hopefully, this can be a learning experience for both of us. Also, I decided to kill two birds with one stone by using the masthead of this blog to showcase my photography. The masthead will change every Wednesday and Sunday.

So with a whimper and not a bang, I enter into the ranks of the blogger…

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