War on a New Front

This is a little late but as I told a friend, you don’t want to mess with my rhythm when I’m thesis writing… I need those naps!

There was recently an article on the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT, the terrorists who orchestrated the 2008 Mumbai attacks) expanding its reach to Afghanistan. What is interesting is that Lashkar is targeting Indians working in Afghanistan and in the process, killing both Indians and Afghans alike.

India has been pouring out development aid into Afghanistan which has Pakistan concerned about encirclement. I’m all for distrusting your enemies but come on?! I distrust this paranoia from the Pakistan intelligence community mainly because cultivating fear among the Pakistani populace leads to justification for funneling money into defense spending. With Pakistan allowing the US to use its bases and more or launch its Afghan operations from its soil, Islamabad has placed itself on the same side of the alliance equation as India, vis-á-vis their American connection. But the LeT is choosing to ignore Pakistani cooperation with India and instead is stirring the pot in an already vulnerable country that has enough problems without terrorist imports.

As the Americans learnt the hard way with foreign dictators, you never know when supporting unsavoury elements in society can come back to hurt you. LeT was created by the ISI over two decades ago to challenge Indian authority in Pakistan and now, they seem to be acting on their own. At a point in which both Indian and Pakistani leadership are reaching out to each other to discuss matters of utmost pertinence, with Kashmir and intelligence sharing over the Mumbai attacks at the top of the list, its attacks like these that derail any chance of a genuine conversation and compromise between these two nations.

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