Worried by Shadows

The ongoing growth of anti-Americanism in Pakistan is starting to become tedious. This new wave of anti-Americanism coincides with the opening of the center to train Pakistani paramilitary troops by the Americans is being built close to the Afghan border. Many in the Pakistani establishment fail to see Al-Qaeda and terrorism as its main opponent, choosing instead to stay rooted in the past by being wary of India, with the United States seen as an Indian ally. With the United States pouring in money and resources to try and keep Pakistan from becoming Afghanistan 2.0, it is a little baffling why this view of the US persists. No one is suggesting that the United States is a altruistic, benevolent power that is trying to train Pakistanis and giving American made M24s without wanting anything in return; but in no way does the American agenda in South Asia prevail with Pakistan failing.

In a lot of ways, the problem that the US faces in Pakistan is one of perception. Without countering the idea that the United States is out to get all Pakistanis, I don’t know how the US can truly be effective in Pakistan. And without being effective in Pakistan, the effects of war and destruction in Afghanistan can’t be completely contained. If anyone should be worried about growing anti-Americanism in the subcontinent, it should be the United States.

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