An Important (Possible) Alliance

Like I’ve mentioned here and here, the United States is pushing hard for India to fully commit to a wholehearted alliance and not the cautious strategic partnership that is currently the status quo. And now, in case the Americans weren’t making themselves clear, US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is looking to sell fighter planes (as India’s fourth generation fighter, the HAL Tejas, has only had limited production) to the Indians when he meets with Indian Defense Minister A. K. Anthony in November. It makes complete sense that the Americans are trying to forge a stable military and diplomatic connection with the Indians, given that the foreign policy problem areas are growing for the US while the number of states on their side is stagnant. Through India, and the economic and political clout it wields (especially with the G77), the United States is engaging in  a realist approach, one that makes sense from a PR perspective as well. By making India indebted for the favours shown by the US (by making India an exception only rivaled by Israel), the US not only receives an ally, but one that can actually influence decisions on the world stage.

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