In My Element


I’ve been a little behind on my blogging as I’ve gotten more and more involved volunteering with a mayoralty race in the fair city of Calgary. More than one person has compared the candidate that I support, Naheed Nenshi, with President Obama with still more remarking on how open and multicultural this “Heart of the New West” has become. All fluff really… I support the candidate because he’s the only one who has shown concrete ideas to deal with the issues that my city faces and because civic elections are so important albeit overlooked when it comes to real governance. The fact that he is gaining momentum in a three-way race by not representing business as usual or by having an easily recognizable name attests to the feasibility of these ideas and that people see him as able to lead.

I’m glad to be back. I’m even more glad to be involved in things that interest me locally. It reminds me how the global structure is a macrocosm and how issues permeate all the way down to the communities we live in.

And now I need to go to bed to rest up as I’m helping out as a judge at high school debate. Oh memories!

One thought on “In My Element

  1. He is candidate Nenshi no more!

    But I have to say, the Obama comparison is more apt the more I read about him. Not just the ethnic aspect, though that is clearly the obvious one. But also highly technocratic approach to policy and his outreach to a younger generation, making politics more relevant to them.

    BTW did you catch the At Issue episodes on the Calgary race?

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