Day 1-3

Day 1
114237 HJ
Km 1 HJ- 3:40pm We’re off!
km 147 Whitehorse (1 hr 40 since we left)
Km 212: 8:20 Pm and we’re finally out of Whitehorse after driving around and getting dinner
Km 372- 10:14pm The sunset is extremely mellow. Unlike the reds, purples and oranges of an Alberta Sunset that really shocks the eye with its vibrancy, the sky in the Yukon just dims into pale greys and pinks, slowly lulling you into nighttime
Km 394: 10;48 pm Filled up because don’t want to stop for awhile

Day 2
LKm 419- 9:22 am left the morley lake and passed the welcome to BC sign at 9:23 am
Km 484- 10;04 am we’ve drifted back into the Yukon. Swift river is a ghost town
Km 521- 10:47 am Just stopped at Rancheria (mile 731 of the Alaska highway). Broke my aviators 😦
Km 640- noon at the signpost forest at Watson lake. Stopped and got ice for the cooler. Germans, Austrians and the Swiss seem to love the Yukon.
Km 708- 1:13 pm Back in BC and it’s full speed ahead to the Liard hot springs
Km 846- 2:41 pm At the hot springs! Time for lunch
Km 846- 4:42 pm leaving Liard
Km 1102- 8:08 pm had to wait for the pilot car to go over an unpaved (and very dusty) secfion of the Alaska highway
Km 1172- 9:30 pm left fort Nelson and are driving into the night, talking about famous Yukon axe murders

Day 3
Km 1325- 9:35 am set off from our night spot about 30 minutes ago. Got some coffee and are on our way… 866 km to Edmonton (never been this excited to see the city of champions)
Km 1442- 11:07 am Filled gas from the jerican. Another first!
Km 1579- 12:37 pm It’s starting to look a lot like Alberta… Give me big country sky any day of the week!
Km 1601- 1:51 pm Had lunch at Dawson Creek, BC aka Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway. Next stop Grande Prairie and cheap Alberta gas
Km 1641- 2:16 pm Finally back in Wild Rose Country (and MST)
Km 1699- 3:07 pm After nearly running out of gas, we’re back on the road (never seen Tim angry before this)
Km 1849- 6:16 pm Just spent two minutes driving around in a circle, debating whether or not to fill up. Men! Harrumph!
Km 2173- 9:45 pm Another 22 km to my brother’s place. The desire to have a hot meal, shower and bed is quite thick in the air.
Km 2202- 10:04 pm Hot shower here I come!




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