Day 4

Km 2206- 9:38 am Slept in (at least Tim did) after yesterday’s long drive. Used the time to blog, repack my stuff (how do I have so much stuff?!) and have a leisurely breakfast.
Km 2207- 9:49 am Back at Avinash’s place because we forgot the coffee mugs. My favorite* brother filled them with coffee. It’s a pretty dreary day, with rain all the way to Saskatoon. Tim remarks “I’m glad we’re in a car… You know, as opposed to a horse.” I find this hilarious!
* He’s my only brother
Km 2349- 11:45 am Stopped in Innisf- something (not -ail) for chips and a bathroom break before we speed along to Llyodminster. Filled the car and two jericans with Alberta petrol and hoping that we don’t get charged with arbitrage. Listening to ‘Mike And Tom Eat Snacks’ and snickering (awesome podcast… If you haven’t listened to it yet, download it on to your iPod stat!).
Km 2455-12:46 pm In the booming metropolis of Llyodminster. (Booming because they have an Original Joe’s here). The main highway is undergoing some major construction right now so very stop and go.
Km 2457- 12:59 pm Somehow we’re already in Saskatchewan without seeing a sign proclaiming our entry… Oh well, on our third province now! Also, saw the first sign (in my life, in Canada) advising me on where I could buy guns (behind the Husky, in case you were wondering).
Km 2596- 2:27 pm Our pursuit of food has brought us to a sushi place in Battlefords, SK. Yum! Tim’s checking to see if the cap on his truck his holding, which is very important as it’s holding all of his life’s possessions (the initial reason of this trip was to drive out all of Tim’s stuff to Mt. Allison, where he’s resuming school).
Km 2597- 3:21 pm Back on the road after waiting for gas proved too frustrating and opted for emptying one of the jericans than wait in line. Interesting to see that practically all the grain elevators belong to Viterra or Cargill.
Km 2722- 4:35pm Entering Saskatoon, which apparently “shines”… Not today though, since its pretty overcast. We’re skipping town but hopefully I’ll make the trip out sometime from Calgary. Right now, we’re trying to maximize our time in Montreal and the maritimes. We will be stopping for a bit in Winnipeg, as both Tim and I are intrigued by this city.
Km 2793- 5:59 pm Just got a delicious homemade puffed wheat square in Hanley, SK. We have to find a beer^and take a picture of it before we leave the province!
^ Ok, so the thing with the beer is this: I promised my friend Stu (who owns the Oak Tree Tavern in Kensington… Awesome patio experience) that I’d take a picture of a local beer in each of the provinces. So far, so good. (The Alberta picture will be bit like cheating as I won’t actually be taking the picture on my roadtrip. I’ll take the Alberta beer picture at Stu’s patio and then give the whole collection to him as a present. Ssshhhh! It’s a surprise!)
Km 2873- 6:56 pm Best town slogan ever goes to Craik, SK: The friendliest place by a dam site.(Wish I was quick enough to get a picture of the sign!) Also, the liquor store closes at 6pm.
Km 2981- 8:02 pm Entering Regina and on our way to meet up with the TransCanada highway.
Km 3000- 9:17 pm Leaving Regina. Found a locally brewed Watermelon beer… Success!
Km 3097 10:38 pm After watching lightening strike north east of us for the last hour, we decided to stop for the night. Sleeping in a field near Indian Head. Hope that we don’t end up on the news…


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