Day 5 (or how I wish I was cool enough to know the star date)

Km 3097 5:19 am Early start today because we want to spend some time in Winnipeg and then make our way down to the States. I took some early morning shots of the Saskatchewan beer in a field… Hopefully it looks okay. Was 6:26 am by the time we got going and had coffee less than a kilometer down the road.
Km 3237- 9:00 am Crossed into Manitoba and another time zone (with SK not adhering to Daylight savings). Looks like Saskatchewan with bilingual signage. Going back to sleep. Morning naps are a luxury afforded to the non-driver ie. me!
Km 3551- 12:09 pm Woke up just in time to see us enter the City of Winnipeg. Now we’re making our way to the downtown riverfront.
Km 3567-4:30 pm Leaving The Forks. Have been quite taken by the city and need to come back for a closer look. It’s got trains, culture and character in spades. Wish we had more time but now we have to make our way south to Minnesota.
Km 3589- 5:29 pm Finally out of the city and listening to music from our high school days. Laughing about how we were back then.
Km 3633- 6:06 pm Filling up gas in Morris, MB which is the home of the Manitoba Stampede. The gas station had an article on why buying local is good for the economy. This topic has been on my mind for awhile, trying to take it from the theory to practice. I just finished reading “Animal, Vegetable, Mineral” by Barbara Kingslover, in which the author and her family spend the whole year eating only what they grew or buying local products that they could not grow. I don’t think I’m a zealot for the 100 mile diet but I think I’ll try and be a little more conscientious with my consumer habits from now.
Km 3673- 6:33 pm At US customs. I think we’re the strangest vehicle this guy got tonight… “So you’re just along for the ride?” “Yup.”
Km 3795- 7:55 pm Entering Grand Forks and calling it a night. Since we’ve decided to splurge on a motel, we get beds! AND INTERNET!20120816-222729.jpg


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