Day 6- Four states in 12 hours

Km 3800- 9:40 am Bought sunglasses at the gas station next to the motel because we now have the first sunny day on our trip. Listening to “Danger Zone” as Tim rocks out in his new Aviators. I’ve gone for the Jackie O look and am pondering my morning: Do I finish my book, listen to a podcast or take a nap? Choices, choices…
Km 3936- 11:02 am In Minnesota. Signs to the Mall of America are being seen with relative frequency against a backdrop of sunny skies.
Km 4011- 11:48 am Field after field of corn for the production of ethanol. More trees coming up too.
Km 4149- 1:05 pm Pondering that perplexing subculture of Americana- bumper stickers. Also, thinking about voter fraud which is apparently a big enough problem to have billboards on the highway.
Km 4177- 2:20 pm Had lunch in Avon, MN and did our part for the local economy by eating at a diner.You’re welcome, Americuh…
Km 4345- 4:22 pm Have now entered Wisconsin (which is open for business, according to it’s welcome sign) on the other side of Lake La Croix. Its starting to look a lot like eastern US/Canada. Don’t understand why they still call this area the Midwest.
Km4561- 4:33 pm Tim just asked me how many more cities to go. This is one of the big differences between us. While Tim grew up in a town with less than 800 people, I’ve lived exclusively in cities all my life (the smallest of which was Calgary with 1 million people) except for the 2 years that both of us went to school in Vancouver island with a community of just over 200 people.
This is not to say that Tim doesn’t like cities or that I can’t rough it in the great outdoors. It’s just explains our natural tendencies to rural or urban environments. While he gets stressed out by navigating rush hour traffic, I think of it as a part of the implicit contract of collective living. Well, since he’s the driver, I’ve reprogrammed the GPS to take the route with the most freeways. Hopefully this should help minimize the stress.
Km 4619- 7:15 pm Am struck by how many more people and amenities the eastern United States has. Every exit seems to have a couple of motels, restaurants and gas stations.
Km 4709- 8:07 pm Nothing like road trips to make you want to eat a huge salad. Well, maybe except for Stampede.
Km 4816- 9:46 pm Crossed into Illinois by paying a toll. Thank goodness I carry American dollars with me!



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