Day 7/8- Upper/Lower Canada

Day 7
Km 4838- 7:49 am We stayed at this motel in Rockford, IL which had the sweetest middle aged Indian lady as its proprietor. We talked about Bombay, scarves and the monsoons. I love that no matter where you go, by virtue of belonging to the same diaspora group, there is an instant connection. I wonder if this holds true for groups that are not as visibly distinguishable.
Km 4853- 8:22 am Passed the Chrysler assembly plant in Rockford. It just goes on and on!
Km 4864- 8:27 am Why do Americans need to grow so much corn (except for the corn-syrup)? Pondering this while I stage a look out for PF Changs. America the Beautiful indeed.
Km 4988- 10:21 am Have paid $10 in tolls this morning. Can’t see that much of a difference in quality on the roads. Oops, spoke too soon… Another toll headed our way.
Km 5180- 1:43 pm Another time change as we finally hit EST. Listening to Sufjan Stevens’ “Say Yes to Michigan!” as we cruise along the state with Kalamazoo and Mattawan and the occasional Ron Paul for President poster.
Km 5522- 5:23 pm Now in Ontario. I always love returning back to Canada; you always get the best “Welcome back”s. 253 km to Mississauga where we have to pick up a mysterious box for the bride.
Km 5590- 6:01 pm There are several “Hiring Now” signs for truck drivers. Interesting to see the labour landscape across Canada
Km 5779- 8:20 pm Mysterious box in hand, we’re now making our way through Mississauga, which has a lot of glass office buildings. Also, all of southern Ontario seems to have tons of power lines. We’ll be staying with my family friends in Richmond so will be good to have a home cooked meal after days of fast food.

Day 8
Km 5950- 9:31 am Completely forgot to check the odometer this morning when we started… “It’s all ruined! What’s the point of even doing this trip?!”
… was my initial reaction. But then the coffee kicked in. Between the conversation about music and trucks and taking pictures of beer in a moving car (relax, it wasn’t open) and failing spectacularly at it due to glare (and you know, movement), it was easy to forget. I think we’re both just so excited for Montreal that we’re trying to make the time move along.
Km 6085- 11:03 am Stopped at a Tim Hortons and I seized the opportunity for an Ontario beer picture doused in Canadiana. Needless to say, I’m pleased with myself πŸ˜‰
Km 6285- 1:05 pm Making our way towards Montreal makes me unexplainably happy. There’s just something about visiting a place that holds memories and lessons that brings me joy. These places remain as signposts, marking your journey. Montreal is where I learnt to appreciate good bagels, make decisions truly on my own and gained the confidence to drive. It’s also where I’ve cried under a table, gotten pick pocketed and truly tasted failure for the first time. All in all, a well-loved landmark of young adulthood.
Km 6301- 1:15 pm Just crossed over into Quebec. Tim is mentally preparing himself for the onslaught of Quebecois drivers.

Posting Montreal pictures ’cause it’s my blog and I do what I want πŸ™‚




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