Day 10- Maritime provinces three

Km 7451- 9:06 am I set off in search of a rental car company (which turns out to be just 100 m from Tim’s place after a freezing cold shower. Apparently the heater does not work without electricity. Good to know that my sense of humor has not abandoned me in this trying time even if my wits had.
Km 7466- 10:05 am As I get on the road, listening to the local rock station, I notice a cyclist with ‘Pearson College UWC’ on their back.
Km 7512- 10:26 am Entering Confederation Bridge. Hoping that I won’t forget the km/time that this happened.
Km 7526- 10:46 am This is one long bridge! In PEI now. Was going to go to Charlottetown but with all the Anne attractions, I have a change of heart (and plans).
Km 7565- 12:12 pm I just finished touring Maud’s house. It’s really cool to hear her history and see one of her location muses.
Km 7578- 2:00 pm After peeking into the village of Avonlea (don’t have enough time to browse), I get some lobster for lunch and start making my way back to New Brunswick.
Km 7673- 2:26 pm Locally made gelato? Of course I’m going to stop!
Km 7707- 4:40 pm I’m back in Sackville, and in a rare moment of clarity, decide to buy the Nova Scotia beer here so
Km 7707- 5:07 pm The truck is surprisingly light without all of Tim’s life possession. We leave Sackville, with a small stop at the Mt. Allison campus to take pictures of my New Brunswick beer.
Km 7722- 5:19 pm We have just entered Nova Scotia. One more province to go!
Km 7955- 8:07 pm Hoping for another glimpse for the McD sign with the McLobster. Hoping even more to be able to taste this magical concoction.
Km 7959- 8:09 pm Just saw a sign welcoming us into the traditional lands of the Mik’maw nation. Alberta really should make better signage honoring the First Nations.
Km 982- 8:22 pm Fine, Nova Scotia, your sunsets are pretty.
Km 8089- 9:31 pm It will be a miracle if we actually make it on to the ferry.
Km 8135- 10:01 pm At the entrance to the 10:30pm ferry. Waiting to see what happens.
Km 8136- 10:26 pm Apparently one of their vessels (Marine Atlantic) is down so there is absolutely no walk on, so we’re going to go inside and try to find an alternative. Thankfully, the guy books us on to the morning ferry at 5:30 am. We are now going to look for food and then will wait in line.
Km 8140 11:48 pm Took pictures of my Nova Scotia beer by the waterfront. I really need to figure out more about night time exposures. Now at McDonalds, since it’s the only place open. We both get burgers and split the Nova Scotia beer while watching an episode of Psych.20120821-101544.jpg




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