The elusive Day 11 story

Km 8142- 12:57 am Going to sleep in the car, waiting for the ferry to board in about 4 hours.
Km 8143- 4:28 am Entering the ferry. Now there’s nothing left to do but relax take pictures and sleep for about 6 hours and go through an half hour time change.
Km 8313- 10:53 am About 20 minutes from shore. After all the grey we had on the ferry, it’s nice to have some sunshine and see the stony shore from here.
Km 8322- 11:51 am Touchdown!
Km 8374- 12:19 pm The last time we saw fireweed was in northern BC (the Yukon is covered in them), but this emerald isle doppleganger has them by the side of the road as well.
Km 8548-3:16 pm At a Tim Horton’s outside Corner Brook, waiting for the engine to cool down so that we can pour in radiator fluid.
Km 8766- 6:20 pm Towns in Newfoundland have hilarious names. We just stopped in Badger for gas šŸ™‚
Km 9010- 8:57 pm Listening to Mumford and Sons for the last time. (The convention has been to listen to the whole album at least once a day on the trip.) Our road trip has the Junction-Whitehorse stretch to go and is finally starting wind down.
Km 9055 9:27 pm As we get closer to St.John’s and the mini Pearson reunion, I was just thinking about my 16year old self and the advice I would have given her that probably would be ignored.
Km 9088- 9:56 pm Dense fog. Praying for no moose to be on the roads. And no axe murderers either.
Km 9200- 11:16 pm #epicroadtrip comes to an end



One thought on “The elusive Day 11 story

  1. Hi! One year later and Paul and I just did the trip in reverse. Not to be out done by two youn Pearsonites, we went to the top of the word/ end of the road/ survived the Dempster! Can you believe it was a year ago we gathered to shower those two with love and well wishes!?
    Hope things are good with you!


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