Day 1- The one in which my day is longer than 24 hours

So, I’m finally in the Europe. In the last 14 hours, I’ve left my first job, signed all documents for the second, bought Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In and boarded a plane for Amsterdam. Oh, and in the last 48 hours, I’ve had about 8hours of sleep. So I might not be at my sharpest, but I sure am pumped!
After leaving my bags with Simone (that girl is a saint), I made my way into Amsterdam with two goals: see as much of the city as I could and keep myself awake till actual bedtime. The city is very dense and easy to navigate, because frankly there something to see/do on every street corner.Bicycles everywhere!
I feel like the world’s wimpiest Canadian even as I write this but I had to stop and buy a hat and gloves because I thought I was going to have frostbite and die. It’s so cold! Especially when you cross over the little grachts (canals), its like the wind cuts you to the bone. The humidity plus the lack of sunlight is something that I don’t have much experience with as a Calgarian.
I ended up walking around lots, going into the Nieuwe Kerk, Rembrandtplein, Indonesian food, the Bloemenmarkt (not much to see because of the lack of bloems in sub-zero temperature) and the Rijksmuseum (which takes up an entire city block but is still closed for renovations. As it was an hour to closing, decided to skip the museum and do it tomorrow instead.
Remember how I prefaced this entry with a missive on how tired I was. That would explain why I got lost getting back to the train station. Each lane was more picturesque than the last (which meant also they were eerily similar in their differences). This meant that when I finally got to Centraal station, I was tired, hungry and cold.
Note for all the jetsetters out there: If you’re going to splurge on an international phone plan, get a data heavy plan (worth way more than texts or airtime). If you’re not at a hotel/hostel with Internet, it’s not that easy to get access (even with the McDs and cafes). My little side adventure in getting lost totally drained my data allocation.
But all’s well that ends well. Went back to Utrecht to hang with my friend Simone and her boyfriend Yuri, with pizza and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (one of my all time favourite movies). A very pleasant close to a long 1.5 days.

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