Day 7- The one in the place that only Model UNers know

The tiny fortified city of Luxembourg seems more amenable to me in the sunshine. I eat my leftover sandwich as breakfast in the morning light, overlooking the steep valleys of the Grund. I walk around the city wall and spend some time in the cathedral (I thought it was the national archives- because hey, all old buildings look like churches). I browse at local shops and pick up some baby things for some people back home (“Babies are so in right now!”). I wander till I make the trek back to the hostel.

Just like the restaurant yesterday, the food is great! Duck with a vegetable tart and salad, finished with an amazing French toast like concoction. Fortified with good food, I make the trek up to the top of the hill for the bus. Which I had blown up in steepness in my mind, thinking that I’d need 15 minutes to climb it with my heavy back-pack, which was more like 4 minutes in total, with my slow gait.

And once again, I find myself on a train. Now it’s the French countryside. Not as romantic as in the books or paintings but that’s probably because of the cloudy skies.

I pass the time in Strasbourg by reading my book and having a beer. Which you can do at the train station. Without being in an enclosure or anything. Once my beer is done, I make my way to the platform, to catch the train to Stuttgart.



2 thoughts on “Day 7- The one in the place that only Model UNers know

  1. Hey I saw that you were heading out on your european adventure when i logged onto FB a few days ago. I left you a message on there too but doubt I’ll back on there to check for replies anytime soon. So where are you now? Are you back in Calgary? I haven’t seen any new posts and thought you’d be in Europe longer. keep me posted. -aans from Philly (well, technically maryland)

  2. I was in Strasbourg in 2010 for a few days. We saw the UN building there and went over to Kiev (I think?) in Germany. We walked in Petit France by the canal, saw the ‘dark’ Notre Dam cathedral and ate some flammkueche. Plus the overhead rail system is pretty cool too.

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