Europe: Part Deux

So those of you who follow this blog (which would be my mom, because she has to, and Aaron K., because he pwns the internetz) will know that I initially started this thing as a) place to write my thoughts without having a deadline or agenda b) way to keep my domain name. Since then, it’s been a bit of digital catch all for me.

When I graduated and was looking for a job, it was a bit of a portfolio. When I was working, it became a way to write about my interests in my own voice, touching on topics that weren’t related to my day job. When 3 Things for Calgary launched, it was a way for me to keep myself accountable (note to self: Get back to doing this because you loved the challenge and the sense of community it brought).

Now, it’s become a way to chronicle my trips and keep my friends and family updated on my adventures, complete with pictures and complimentary snark. Though I hope that it might be entertaining for my audience, I realized I usually write for Future Me.

See, Future Me, all the cool things that you’ve had the good fortune to experience. Look at what you were thinking at that point in time, and hopefully you’ve evolved since then. You’ve learnt a lot of stuff about the world and about yourself, Future Me. Don’t be a dick and forget those things when you’re back home.

And, Future Me, schedule a haircut. You probably need one.

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