Day 1- The one in which I got lost several times

This trip did not get off to a good start. For one, I didn’t think of checking my flight status till en route to the airport (I had checked in before though, in my defence). Saw that the flight was delayed by 5 hours, and promptly started running through worst case scenarios.

After realizing that a delayed flight to Toronto would make me miss my connection Amsterdam, I got on the phone and got a surprise re-routing through Frankfurt. This meant I could go back to my parents’ house, eat their food, watch the Food Network and take care of some travel stuff that i had put off. Plus, as my youngest sister (as opposed to littlest, because I’m unsurprisingly the littlest sibling) pointed out, I’d get to sleep longer AND get a meal on the plane. Every thing works out for good, I guess.

As I got very little sleep the past two days, due to work and nerd board game related issues, I managed to sleep almost the straight way through. Followed this up with my new jet lag combatting regiment of having meals at local times, walking around, and not having booze for the first 12 hours (ok, so that last one didn’t work— what, I’m supposed to say no to such an important cultural beverage such as Carlsberg?)

With a short layover in Frankfurt, I was finally in Copenhagen. Even as the plane was descending, you could see that this was a different type of city. There were fewer cars, no densely packed towns bleeding into the next, and had a different aesthetic compared to the exuberance of the Dutch or the understatedness of the Germans. There were even windmills in the ocean!

The city itself reminded me a lot of Amsterdam, from the legion of bicycles to the canals. But much less crowded, way more tame and fewer tourists. I actually found it very surprising that there were no signs to major attractions like the Tivoli Gardens, which was the only thing I ended up seeing. The late departure meant that by the time I got into the city centre, most things were closing (which is a shame because I wanted to do the canal tours and see the Degas at the local museum).

When given sand, make a sandcastle, I always say. Well, I don’t but it still is the perfect segue into the amazing sculptures on the docks. I just kept wandering along the river till I got to Tivoli. Got to explore it a little and saw the last show (a mixture of pantomime and ballet), on the Tin Soldier. Totally delightful!

For dinner, I had the skipperlabskovs, a dish of stewed meat and potatoes, served with pickled beets and rye bread. Pretty standard traditional European fare, I think. But it’s gotten me really excited for my next two countries- Italy and Spain!





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