Day 5- The one in which we got offered roses an awful lot

After a late game of Cards Against Humanity (which Lauren won all three rounds), we woke up pretty early to pack up and clean out the Costamagna house. After making a quick stop to say goodbyes, Hunter and I got dropped off at the station and joined Alice as her family as they were also going to explore Torino. Marica actually went back to the house after dropping off Alice at the station and came back on her bicycle to say goodbye to Hunter and me.

You get a real look into the genesis of someone you know well when you see their origin story. Having spend time with both the groom and bride’s parents you see where Giova gets his sense of humour and Alice’s sense of care and hospitality.

At Torino, Chiara was kind enough to come meet us at the train station, even though she had a lot going on. We explored the town which was beautiful and had some delicious pizza. Once in Milan, we saw why all the Italians that we talked to in Bra preferred Torino to Milano. The city is bigger, has lots of tourists, is dirty and crowded. And their Metro did not have piped opera music!

Though the main attractions were closed in both cites since it was a Monday, we mostly walked around and took it all in. As both of us had never been to Italy before, Hunter and I were good travelling buddies (ie. we stopped for gelato and pictures every few feet). Hunter is actually one of the first people I remember becoming friends with at Pearson. My memories of him include hanging out on the east lawn, popping open a bottle using the bed frame, together in the mighty sea crab group for Action Week and many more. Arriverderci, my friend and may our paths cross again soon!20130829-071511.jpg



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