Day 6- The one with the playground

Another full day of travel starts with an early flight. Got to Malpensa and got some breakfast of a fresh orange juice (spremuta arancia) and prosciutto on bread. That’s Italy for you: good till the last drop!

After using my waiting time in the Barcelona airport to catch up on the internetz and make my sister a funny sign, Anjali (my sister, who is six years younger) and I made our way to Barcelona Sants to book our trip to Valencia for the Tomatina festival. Since we had some time to kill before our train, we put our stuff in the storage and started walking towards the closest thing we could see, which happened to the Stadium shopping mall. After taking in the view, we decided to go find some food.

Oh Spain, you had me at Ham! Just sat at the food court stall and had some iberian pernil and olives. Such simple food, so delicious! After getting some for train, we hung out in the Miro (my favourite artist!) park till it was time to catch our train. That’s when we ran into the giant playground near Sants, and let our inner children loose.

Once we got to Valencia, we took in a nice walk in which we were really marvelling at the city’s architecture and relative lack of tourists. Valencia is the birthplace of paella, so it was only fitting that we tried some of the local delicacy, all washed down with sangria. We turned in early for the big day tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow should make for a good tale as we set off to chuck tomatoes at total strangers.





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