Day 8- The one in which my sister is impressed with my Spanish 10

We woke up early enough to get checked out of our room, get some breakfast and make our way to the cathedral, to see an object that both King Arthur and Indiana Jones sought after- the Holy Grail.

As it was pouring, we decided to take shelter in the cathedral before it opened up to the public. Sitting in silence, taking in the immensity of the place, made me really see the place as it was created to be- a place of refuge from the drone and temptations of the everyday. Being one of the first ones in also allowed us to wander the space without crowds of tourists talking end snapping pictures. Really interesting to see the evolution of the space and the elusive Grail .

After all the churching, we stepped into bright sunshine. Taking advantwge of the weather, we wandered into the side streets and found ourselves inside an expansive indoor market. Funnily enough, we did not see the oranges that Valencia is so famous for. But we did see sardine flavoured ice-cream and discovered ham croquettes. By the afternoon, we had seen the main bits of the city and were ready to move on to Barcelona.

The trains are full (we got the last two seats on this one), as people pour out of Valencia after the Tomatina festival. You can recognize the revellers through their hungover eyes and pink stained bracelets. I took this opportunity to take a nap while my sister read. She’s only taken up reading recently, which really confuses me as she hated reading as a kid, while I rarely had my nose out of a book (so much so that my parents had to force me outside to go play with kids my own age). This is her on the Great Depression: “Ok, you’re all dying and starving. We get it.”

More Anj hilarity to come tomorrow when we make our way to one of the smallest countries in the world.





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