Day 11- The one in which I bask in more Miró

After breakfast together, we decided to go see the other Gaudi creation that the city is famous for, it’s own version of Central Park- el Park Güell. The start of the park is up a large mountain, complete with escalators! At the top, there’s a stunning view of Barcelona. Sagrada Familia is even more impressive from this height when you can see the construction going on and realize how high the last towers are going to be. After taking in the panorama, we headed down to the sculptures, leisurely strolling in the shade.

Once we finished the main part of Park Güell, we set off in different directions. Anjali stayed in the park to read her book and take in some rays, Arunachachen went to the FC Barcelona museum and I went to the Miró Foundation, to see the artist’s work in the city that he lived in.

In case you haven’t realized, I’m a bit of a modern art lover. Though I’ve done art as long as I can remember, I didn’t really get into it till the summer before university, when I was fortunate to do a summer internship in London. My office was right next to St. Paul’s and across the river from the Tate Modern. Since I’d go for a walk right by it during my lunch hour, I decided that I would go and see all this famous art that was oh so close and oh so free.

I spent the day there. I saw things that made me laugh (Dali’s Lobster Telephone), gasp (Monet’s Water Lillies) and tear up (Miró’s Message to a Friend). It must have been the combination of intellectual learning (through an audio guide), visual appraisal and what my state of being was at that time, but I was hooked! My favourite piece of art (Miró’s painting poem) still hangs at the Tate, and have discovered more of the artist’s work in New York, Los Angeles, Bruges and finally Barceloa.

Going to the Fundació Miró was, needless to say, wonderfully uplifting for my soul! I came back to the hotel to find my sister getting ready for siesta. Since Arunachachen hadn’t had lunch either, we went and got some late afternoon tapas, washed down with sangria and cava. Then we too siesta-d, like a good Spaniard would.

After we woke up, we went off to walk from Las Ramblas all the way to the ocean. We sat on the docks for a while and just took it all in. Not a lot of cousins want to or could do this, and we were just thankful that we got to do this together.

Dinner was paella right off Las Ramblas, from one of the touristy outdoor restaurants but hunger and the weather outside made us suckers. Though it was a little pricy, it wasn’t unreasonable, the seafood was unbelievably fresh! A perfect way to end the evening as we needed to get back and pack as we leave tomorrow.




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