Day 12- The one in which we climb a hill that is named as a mountain

We woke up early to pack, check out of the hotel and then go put our bags in storage at the Sants station, from where we were going to take the train to the airport. We then took the Teleferic (or as Arunachachen took to calling it, the Telerific), a gondola that took you call the way to the top of Park Montjüic.

We started at the top with the fortress that had amazing views of the whole city. We slowly made our way down the hill, taking in the little side sculptures and paths, till we got to the palace that houses the contemporary art. We sat there for a bit. The day was a little grey so we didn’t linger, but instead made our way to the arena food court to have our last Spanish meal of olives and ham.

After flying in to Paris Beauvais, we still had an hour and a bit till we got into Real Paris. As the bus pulled into the station, I saw Tom’s lanky frame and shock of red hair. The last time I saw him was close to the end of my internship in London, seven years ago. As we ran into a giant tangled hug, it was good to know though somethings had changed, like careers and marital status, kindred spiritedness did not.

We would be staying at Tom’s wife Alice’s parents. They had a lovely home that was built in an old factory, with a large open living area and creative little bedrooms with tons of character. And just like my dream home (aka Giovanni’s parents’ house in Bra), it was filled with art and books (and arranged by colour, just lie my bookshelf at home!). After dropping Anj at the flat, Tom and I went out to get some Chinese food. Not to sound ungrateful, but I was really glad to have a break from European food and a meal that felt more like “home” 😉




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