Day 13- The one with a World War I landmark

Since Anjali came to Paris about a month ago, we didn’t want to see something that she had already visited. So we decided to go to see the Palace at Versailles. Both of were looking forward to seeing the art and detail of the palace that we had heard about and read in history books.

It’s funny even how seemingly objective things such as distance can be subjective given distance. Arnaud, Alice’s dad, remarked that he had never been to Versailles and how far it was. Coming from a country that spans six timezones, I guess I didn’t find the 40 minute train ride from Paris all that long.

The palace and grounds were stunning! We got tickets for just the palace and I kept trying to convince Anj that we should have have done the gardens as well. I took that back after the first two hours touring the rooms. The opulence that poured out of every room was a little obscene. I can only imagine what the lives of the royal family were like, which probably explained why people led mobs against them.

We had dinner with Tom and Alice at their charming little apartment with gorgeous views of Sacre Coeur. We talked and laughed and looked at their stunning wedding pictures. And all too soon, it was time for Anj to go.

Is my sister my best friend? Not really, but it’s a little deeper than that. We don’t talk about everything going on in each others’ lives but we know we could. We gotten each other out of scrapes, given advice, checked in about our faith, held each other when we cried and have inside jokes that make us howl with laughter. As one of four siblings, there are unique dynamics between the siblings, from group, sub-groups and one-on-one, with a high premium on the last one. This is why this trip was so memorable for our relationship. I’m looking forward to really starting that relationship with the youngest one, while one of the main reasons my brother and I are close was because of all those trips to India as unaccompanied minors. Sibling travel : guaranteed to have a fight or two but also guaranteed memories!




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