Day 15- The one in which I mostly sit around & Day 16- The journey home

For the first time on my trip, I slept in and left the house a lot later than I expected to. But ah well, probably just the general malaise of it being the penultimate day of my vacation. Took my time to wander on down to Notre Dame. Since I didn’t have time to do the full detailed tour, I just stood in the church and prayed, before dashing off to Gare de Lyon.

Today’s lunch date was with my NYU buddy, Ryan. Since we were both hungry and didn’t want to do much else but catch up, we decided to just spend our time walking around and then lingering over lunch at a sidewalk cafe. We caught up and sat around while I finished the last of my post-cards. (Note to self: remember to pace these things and not do a giant whomp of them on your last day.) This of course came to an abrupt end when the lady who lives above the cafe dumped dirty water down, splashing about three tables, including ours.

All too soon, it was time for me to make my way to the airport. I used my last ten Euros to buy dinner and two macarons from Laudree. Finally, no more euro coins to cart around- thanks WWF donation box!

With my late arrival back to Copenhagen, I just ended up crashing. Decided to take my stuff in early and then go and see the city some more. Somewhere in between resolving to go to Christianshavn and explore the canals some more and getting on the metro, I changed my mind and decided to go a less travelled route and went to Amager Strand to be by the ocean.

I sat on the beach for an hour, the only one along the shore. Being thankful, being contemplative, just taking it all in. Resolving not to lose this feeling of having sand between my toes, smelling the salt air and the bright sunshine on my face- to take a little of my vacation back to my regular life.

And now, I’m ready for my 16 hour journey home!




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