So the entire internet seems to be in an uproar about the Season finale of How I Met Your Mother (or HIMYM for short). As finales go, it’s pretty unsatisfying. For dramas, you want resolution and an operatic ending. For comedies, you want to have a final laugh and know that the characters all live happily ever after. This finale tried to do both and ended up splicing itself.

But I didn’t want to make this post about a minute by minute breakdown of the finale or analyze the show. Jaime Weinman does a great job of both here.

I’ve been with this show for so long that my cell phone knows to not autocorrect HIMYM. From high school, fresh off the ending of another great NYC based comedy, to my late twenties, this show has seen many a gimmick and trend come and go. I was a different person back then, a teenager living with 200 other teenagers who wanted to change the world. We had the stars in our eyes, much like these characters.


And then came the next nine years. Wild, carefree nights with beer pong and picnics on the lawn. Three cities and one hamlet. Slogging through two degrees and two full time jobs. One mortgage and a rent cheque that bounced. Countless friends and lots of books. Epic pranks and terrible haircuts. Crying to sleep and watching dreams fall apart. Undeserved praise and more opportunities than I could imagine. As these characters grew, I grew too.


So I’m not “mourning” the end of the series, nor am I going to crap on how it was terrible. I’m choosing to see it for what it was, to me. Providing a laugh and some semblance of consistency at a time in most young adults’ lives when nothing is stable. It showed potential, and heartbreak, and how even the seemingly unforgettable can fade into the ordinary. It serves as signposts along the way, showing my own evolution as much as those of Ted and the gang.

Life is in the living, and the stories we tell. We get just one, so you better make it legen… wait for it…

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