And one more thing…

I woke up this morning at the ungodly hour of 4:45am, to my mom waking me up (yup, we treat each other as alarm clocks), as I wanted some time to catch up on stuff I put off. Somewhere in the midst of this, my mind started wandering back to my blog post last night. And in a flash of clarity, I realized why I didn’t like the HIMYM finale, though I still think it made sense.

I didn’t like it because it rewarded regression, for almost all the characters (but not Lily and Marshall- best couple in television). And that feels like gaming the system.

For Ted, Robin was always his white whale. Driving him constantly to the edge, pining for something that he couldn’t have. For a romantic, trust-worthy and sincere character like Ted, the attraction to Robin never made much sense to me.


She is the character with the least transformation. She still had all the things that showed Ted that she wasn’t the girl for him, and yet they paired them off again. HIMYM could have still have had a typical sitcom-y ending, if they showed Ted starting the process again and going out to find someone new. Instead, they regressed to an ending that made sense at the end of Season 1 or 2 but not Season 9.

Before you think I’m going after career women, as an anti-feminist nut job, please stop. I’m a nut job but not an anti-feminist. I don’t think it has to do with being a woman, as much as it has to do with being selfish. I’d have called out Barney as well if he had cheated on Robyn (as that would be his regression), but it didn’t.

Our culture is a “me-first” culture. And our media is rewarding it more and more.

My best moment of Season 9 was when Marshall tells Lily that he’s putting his dreams on hold “Because you gave me mine.” That’s love- both people putting the other person first. Sometimes in pursuit of our individual choices, we put blinders on to the detriment of everything else. People forget that happily ever after is a choice too.

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