Weekend Inspiration: Beef stirfry

So as we enter the last week of lent, I was going to share my beef stirfry recipe, as I made it for my sister-in-law’s family as she gets ready for her medical exams. The trick here was to trust my instincts, even though I couldn’t verify by taste.

First, I marinated the beef in about 1 teaspoon of soy, and one tablespoon each of honey, siracha and sesame oil. I added a splash of orange juice, mainly because I had it in the fridge (not much of a juice drinker, even though I love cooking with it).


I put this aside for a full morning as I ran errands. I then pulled it out, and tossed it in a hot non-stick pan.


To make sure that I wasn’t crowding my pan, I cooked each ingredient on its own. This also allowed me to cook each ingredient perfectly, without overcooking anything. Once the beef was done, I put it aside and got ready for my next ingredient.


As you can see from the picture, I cooked the beans in all the meaty goodness left behind by the beef. Anytime you can make vegetables taste like meat, go for it!

In the interests of wanting a dish that didn’t look like dirt (i.e. green and brown), I needed some colour.


I partially cooked the rest of the beef I had at this point and added the peppers once the juices started oozing.


Here’s the end product, though the picture isn’t too clear. I think I deleted the good photo by mistake!


Judging by my sister-in-law’s response, I think it turned out okay.

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