(Late/Long) Weekend Inspiration: Tofu Bruschetta

So, with the kind of weekend I was having, my weekend inspiration would only take place on Easter Monday. Since I did have the day off, I’m counting it as a part of the weekend.

We were having our “Abigail” group (a funny name that stuck from an autocorrect for “a big”), which usually has a potluck dinner. Since I had the day off, I offered to make a meal instead. Every group has a person with weird dietary requirements, and in our group, its our willingly vegan yogini friend N. In order to have her eat something that wasn’t just salad, I decided to make tofu.

Now, I’ve made a variation of this recipe, albeit with Asian ingredients. But since we were having lasagna, I wanted to make something that fit with the rest of the Italian meal.

I started with some delicious flavoured balsamic vinegar.


I poured some generous table spoons of vinegar, with slightly less than half of that amount of olive oil. I whisked the whole thing together with about a table spoon of dijon mustard.


I then cut the firm tofu into slices. I cut it a bit thick so it can form a crust, while being soft and tender on the inside.


Next, I carefully placed them in my “marinade” and coated them by hand. You can’t really plop them in and stir vigorously, as it would definitely crumble, no matter how firm the package said it would be. I let them soak in the flavours for about 30 minutes.


I then heated a non stick pan and started toasting the tofu. Just a tiny smidge of oil as the marinade already had enough to stop it from burning.


After about 4-5 minutes on one side, I flipped them over.


Oops! Got a little too brown on one side.


Luckily, I had some bruschetta in the fridge. Basically, you can’t go wrong with chopped ripe tomatoes, green onion, parsley and red wine vinegar, especially if you zest it up with some jalapenos.


I scooped some of this tomato-y goodness on the tofu, and no one would be the wiser about the over doneness on one side.


The end result was so convincing that some of the guys thought that it was bruschetta and toast. I think they’ve gotten over their fear of tofu now.

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