Weekend Inspiration: Chinese eggplant

Went with something really simple today, as all the rain was getting me down. But it’s a yummy one!

Chinese eggplant is delicious and super easy to cook. So I picked one up from the local Asian grocery store and set about my business.



Spicing stuff up with some diagonal slices.


To these slices, I added two tablespoons each of sesame oil, soy sauce and rice wine.


Then I added a table spoon each of garlic paste and honey and mixed the whole concoction.


Since I also picked up chilies from the store, I decided to add it to the dish for some colour and some heat.


The whole thing just went into a non-stick frying pan. I added a bit of water for the steam to cook the eggplant faster. The whole time in the pan was about 5 minutes, and the prep was about the same. Definitely, the taste to time ratio is through the roof!

And here’s the final dish. The steam makes it look like it’s a dish from a dream sequence.


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