Weekend Inspiration: Ramen with Pork

A good bowl of ramen does my soul good. As eating out every time the urge arises is not cheap nor practical, I had to teach myself the dark ramen making acts to keep my appetites appeased.

So let’s start with the broth. Though it’s super important to the deliciousness, I didn’t really take a lot of pictures of putting it together as it’s about as interesting as watching water boil (which is what it is, really). I started with some pork belly.


To this, I added water, stock and a wonderful concoction (aka soup base) I found during my last trip to the Asian grocery store.


I let this all boil for a bit while I boiled some noodles and hard boiled an egg. The timing is so key for both of these, to keep the noodles springy (about 3 minutes) and the egg yolk barely solid (about 6 minutes). I also fished out the pork belly from the soup (which I left whole for just that reason) and fried slices up for some extra texture.


At this point, I decided to grab some vegetables to spruce up my dish – scallions, watercress and enoki mushrooms.


Sure, it might be not typical for a bowl of ramen but oh well. I just chopped this up and put it in my bowl, so that it would just barely wilt under the steaming broth.


Here are all the components assembled before it gets a generous dousing of broth.


And here is the after shot.


Yum! Now, I’m off to bed.

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