Weekend Inspiration: Tuna Nicoise

So, it’s the start of Stampede, which as every Calgarian knows is the start of unhealthy eating. With all the pancake breakfasts and deep fried foods at the midway, I decided to go with a pre-emptive detox by making myself a delicious salad. Armed with fresh groceries, I was ready to take this task on!


I only recently started ordering these salads nicoises, mainly because I enjoy the hearty portions of protein in addition to the great non-leafy vegetables that are often overlooked in a fresh salad. For my version of a tuna nicoise, I decided to go with some colourful ingredients, starting with things that needed to be boiled first: purple potatoes (15 minutes), egg (hard boiled – 10 minutes) and yellow beans (5 minutes).

IMG_9958 IMG_9959


A big believer in minimizing the number of pots used, I just added the beans and egg to the same pot with the potatoes. The only word of caution with my time-saving technique is to make sure that the temperature in the pot didn’t drop drastically. Because I only had a small quantity to add, it worked great!

Next up, the fish. But instead of just searing the fish, I decided to make a spice rub first, with sesame seeds, cumin and chili powder.


The whole reason I decided to make tuna nicoise was because I saw this gorgeous piece of tuna!


I had to put a bit of sesame oil on the fish to make the rub stick better.


I then seared the fish with the spice rub, about 2 minutes per side, rotating and holding the tuna with a pair of tongs for better control.

IMG_9968 IMG_9967 IMG_9966

And here’s the inside of the fish.



Finally, I sliced up my tomatoes, which were also (surprise, surprise!) multicoloured.


All to go on this great green background.


Here’s the whole thing assembled:


In a small container, I added fresh tarragon, lemon juice, dijon mustard, olive oil,some fresh pepper and salt, shaking the mixture into emulsified submission. And finally, here’s the salad with the dressing…


Too bad there’s no picture of me inhaling this right after.

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