Weekend Inspiration: Polenta-stuffed Pork Chops

I basically live in a commune.

And by commune, I mean, I live down the street from my cousin and his family and do a lot of “Hey, can you get me (blank) when you’re at the store?”. So the last time they were on their Costco run, I asked for them to pick up pork, with not a lot of other

So these huge chops is what I got, courtesy of my lovely cousin/neighbours.


I thought that since these were quite thick, they lent themselves nicely to being stuffed with something. With a sharp knife, I set about making pockets.


Since I had some chard and cream, I thought I had some panko (ie. Japanese breadcrumbs) that I’d add as a binder and then stuff the concoction into the pork chops. I searched high and low (well, mostly low), in my pantry, to no avail. Since I had some polenta handy, and no desire to go all the way to the store for one ingredient, I tossed the polenta in. It actually turned out really well!



I let this thicken a bit more before putting them into the pork pockets.


I wish I was hardcore enough to make my own tomato sauce, but since I was not, I bought some (the kind that mamma would make) from my local Italian store. I generously ladled it over the whole thing.


Spruced up with a little bit of parmesan and chili flakes.


And here’s the final product.


Basically, this makes more sense for a family of 10 than lil’ ol’ me. Thank goodness I could spread the love around!





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