Weekend Inspiration: Stewed Short Rib

I have to thank my friend Alex for introducing me to short rib. Of course as a Korean food fiend, I was familiar with lateral cut short rib that’s used for kalbi but hadn’t really had the more traditional western cut till last year when Alex prepared it for me when I was visiting him in San Francisco. It quickly became one of my go-tos, with the meat packing in quite a bit of flavour.

So for my parents’ 29th wedding anniversary, I decided to go ahead and make this as it was an easy way to feed a family of 6.

We start with the base ingredients of beef, carrots, tomatoes and wine. Since I found some collards at the market, I decided to add this to pot as well, as the hardiness of the leaf would actually hold up well in the stew.


I started with browning the meat with a little bit of olive oil.


Getting a good crust on there meant a bit of a steamy pot.


Then I set aside the meat and added my carrots, tomato and collard stems to the same pot.


Once this got a chance to hang out for a bit, I added the beef back into the pot and added the collard leaves as well as a bay leaf.




Next up came the wine (very difficult to pour and take a photo).


Cover, set aside for 90 minutes and this deliciousness will emerge.


The best part is that this can go with anything! Serve with crusty bread, mashed potatoes, polenta or even mac-and-cheese (stay tuned for this recipe next week).

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