Weekend Inspiration: Leek Mac-and-Cheese

As promised, here is my mac-and-cheese recipe. I have yet another Pearson friend, Chauntez, to thank for this one. She was the first one to introduce me to this dish, which hitherto I thought came out of a box and was bright yellow. Don’t get me wrong, Kraft dinner totally hits the spot some nights but most of the time, this adult mac-and-cheese is what you need.

I started with some par boiled macaroni. Yes, I’m a purist- only elbow macaroni foes into my mac-and-cheese.


While my macaroni was being boiled, I grated some cheddar. My mother would be appalled with how much of a Costco block went into this (given that I don’t actually make a super cheesy dish).



By now, you know about my love for greens. I sliced a whole leek and sautéed it to bring out the colour with some salt, pepper and cumin.



I added cheese and an egg to this mixture. Make sure it’s not too hot or you’ll have pieces of scrambled egg in your pasta.


Here it is unceremoniously being dumped on top of the macaroni.


Once this was mixed, the dish was ready to go into the oven. But it was missing something.


I decided to mix some chili flakes (my family likes it hot!), bread crumbs and cheese.



This would go as a crispy layer on top.


It’s hard to go wrong with carbs and cheese. Comfort food at its finest.

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