Day 4- The one in which I start my day with books

We have officially crossed over into the latter part of our holiday. With that sober reality looking at us in the face, Shrimant, Aimee and I decided to start the morning early by spending time at cafes and getting some work done. This meant starting off with coffee and casing review at Abaco.

One of the funny things (genius, really) is the fact that none of the cafes in the city had plug points available for use. This made us set off for Cafe San Alberto, in search of more electricity.

Though there were no plug points here either. But the wonderful wait staff allowed us to use the power from behind the counter to power Shrimant’s computer, while we sipped delicious Colombian coffee and did homework. Since we are on vacation, we decided to treat ourselves with popsicles!


I had talked up La Boliche so much that the rest of the gang were clamouring. Because I’m a fatty, I ordered two dishes: the grilled octopus and the coconut ceviche (also because I’m a mallu).

After lunch, a bunch of us walked over to a cafe to wait for the sun to go down before heading over to the castle (something that we’d been putting off for a few days). And it did not disappoint.

Castillo San Felipe de Barajas at sunset was amazing. The castle itself isn’t very impressive but the lookouts from every direction was stellar.

Exploring the castle was fun, as the passageways were steep and creepy. Plus, it was nice just to hang out and not feel rushed as the day drew to a close.

Since we were tired from all the walking we did, we decided to stay in town and grab some food. But first, drinks!

There’s a strange little bar called KGB, that’s an homage to everything Soviet era (except no Russian beers). There are military parades on endless loop and every square inch is covered in memorabilia. Plus, they had a special on the local beer, Club Colombia.


After waiting for all our crew to gather, we went by the main square to find something to eat, not from our list And that’s how we ended up in an Argentinian restaurant in Cartagena (Patagonia Asados del Sur), chowing down on barbequed meats.

As tomorrow is a big day, with a trip to the Rosario islands, I decided to call it a night while the guys were out raging till 3 in the morning #classic


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