My D.C. Adventure Begins!

For the next ten weeks, I’ll be calling the city with Northern charm and Southern efficiency home. I’m super excited to discover the city and share some of findings…

Washington D.C. – Weekend 0

This wasn’t a real weekend as much as it was the weekend in which I moved. A lot of my discoveries were around more domestic things such as the nearest grocery store and how long it would take me to walk to church.

I did, however, walk around a lot in the Adams Morgan neighbourhood and then inadvertently into Embassy Row, as I went in pursuit of finding a nice museum to spend an afternoon in, as is my nature. As luck would have it, I got to spend most of my afternoon inside the Woodrow Wilson House. This was the first and so far only (till the Obamas) President to stay on in Washington after the end of his term. Wilson’s health was deteriorating and with his medical staff situated in the city, he and his wife found this place, that was then paid for by donations by his supporters.

When Wilson died, his wife Edith preserved the house as a living memorial to her husband, till she died four decades later and donated it to the National Trust. It was unbelievable to take a walk through history, as those were the days that Presidents could keep their gifts. And below was where President Wilson made his last national address, with a replica mike in the background.


It also had a dope library. I want this to be my house!


I saw this guy on my walk home. Seemed like a fitting end to the week.


During Week 1

Went to Oyamel with M&M. We stuffed our faces with deliciousness and talked about the books we were reading. #dream

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