About Me

My name is Priyanka Karuvelil. A first-generation Canadian, I’ve been a bit of a rolling stone over the last decade, living in fascinating places like New York City and Metchosin, BC. After all this moving around and chasing shiny degrees, I decided to come back to the place with Alberta sky and the best beef in the world to try my luck at what was called “a real job.”

Thankfully, being a nerd payed off. As did the oath I took to only use my policy analyzing and Excel skills for good.

Now, as I pursue a life outside of academia in Calgary, I felt the need to start a blog to showcase my meandering thoughts and pretty pictures. As my interests and areas of “expertise” change, so will my blog posts. Hopefully, you like reading about politics and food in your spare time.

Warning: I have a compulsive need to take pictures (they’re the ones that don’t look like stock photos from Google). Which means that they are my artistic expression but I am more than willing to share if something caught your eye.

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