My Travels

Travel seems to be in my blood. It might be from having parents who believed that travel was educational, being an expatriate for most my life or my pursuit of being a yuppy.

I was born in Kuwait and lived there till I was 15. This is why I don’t get references to NWA and Mr. Dressup.

Since my grandparents were in India, and my parents saw them as a conduit to us maintaining our culture, they made sure that my brother and I went to the motherland every year.

In between all of this, my family managed to take lots of trips together…

Which has now manifested itself into the annual Karuvelil family Van Es camping trip.

As a teenager, I left home to attend Pearson College on a Grant McEwan scholarship. For the experiences that it gave me, Victoria and Pedder Bay will always have a special place in my heart.

I spent a summer working in London, UK before I started my bachelor’s degree at McGill. Montreal is probably one of the funnest cities I’ve ever lived in!

As I graduated into a recession, I decided it was best if I continued with my education and get a Master’s degree like I wanted. The fact that NYU accepted me didn’t hurt and thus began my year in Manhattan.

I’ve been back in Calgary for over a year now but I keep looking for places to explore. My trip to Peru in Summer 2011 marks my first trip to South America.

In 2013, to make up for my lack of Euro travels, I got to go to “The Continent” twice. Both had a lovely mixture of family and friends from various parts of my life.


As always, I’ll be looking for the next adventure…

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